Smooth firmware upgrade

when upgrading firmware, all the software must be install manually and I'm wondering whether there is a easy way to reinstall all of software/kmod (in repositories) while upgrading firmware.

version upgrade is much more frequently then openwrt, so it takes more time on maintain and it is very hard to upgrade firmware remotely.

Use the image generator to include all your extra packages in the image.

And when using the imagegenerator, you can also add your personal settings to the firmware (as "custom files"). Then everything would be ok already after the initial flash

Same works also if you compile everything from scratch.

Other easy approach is to write a small shell script for opkg, include that in the image and run after the flash.

opkg update
opkg install luci
opkg install openvpn-openssl

That works if the router has internet connectivity without needing extra packages.

Not sure if this has been addressed elsewhere, but since LEDE is aiming for a more rapid release schedule, a smoother upgrade experience is certainly welcome.


I've builded a custom image when I was using openwrt, and then kmod is no longer available form official software source, that means I have to maintain a software source myself. That's not a good option.

Rolling upgrade is an option like archlinux, but that makes reset for router nearly impossible.

I wonder whether there is a way to configure/installing ipks before reboot after flashing firmwares, that will make it much easier for using a script to finish the rest.