SMB stopped working after installing AdGuardHome

I dont know if installing Adguard had something to do with my SMB, but it simply won't appear for me anymore in my devices, even trying to reach it through ip.

The only thing that comes to my mind right now is that Adguard is maybe using SMB port? I'm kinda dumb in this so I'm sorry.

I'm using port 8080 and 5555 for AdGuard, does SMB uses 8080?

I still have plenty free RAM :confused:

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What's the error message on the clients?

Looks like I managed to fix it. Aparently SMB uses port 5353. I'm using 5300 now on AdGuard servers and both works fine.

That is strange since by default smb only uses port 445, while the wsd service to announce the shares uses 3702.

So if you did not change the smb port in the template than 5353 has nothing todo with smb.

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