Smb shared drive does not stay connected to windows

Hello everyone, I configured using samba4 and luci-app-samba a network share called "nas".
I created three users and set up mine to get access to the root of the drive. Connecting the drive to windows works, read write ok, permissions are ok but when I restart my pc the network drive does not work anymore, the only solution is to disconnect and reconnect manually the drive. How can I fix this?

"Wrong Username or password"

" An error occurred while reconnecting Z, Microsoft Windows Network: The local device name is already in use. This connection has not been restored."

Most likely windows has two sets of authentication data for the share. Remove all mapping and start again.

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What do you mean “remove all the mapping”? Disconnect and reconnect the drive? If so, I already did that, I need to disconnect and reconnect on every reboot

After I rebooted OpenWrt my user was not able to browse the nas folder due to "insufficent permissions". I had to force root using luci-app-samba

Trying to search on google possible solutions: I deleted the registry key "MountPoints2" and used "omr\user" instead of "user"
After rebooting I got this message:
"Multiple connections to a server or a shared resource from the same user, using more than one username are not allowed. Stop all the connections to the server and retry. This connection has not been restored."

I think I fixed it. Basically the smb user was "mattia" and my windows user is "Mattia" with a different password. When I connect the drive for the first time it's asks for the user and password, but after a reboot windows tries to login in with the correct username (just because it's the same as windows, seems like it's not case sensitive) and wrong password (because they're different). Changing the username did the trick.

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