Smb browsing very slow


I have a hard drive connected on my Asus RT-AX53U and I want to share the hard drive through samba.

However, browsing the files is very slow: both through VLC on an android TV device (connected directly on ethernet) as with a file browser (Nemo on Archlinux over wifi).

File transfer is at about 11Mb/secs which good enough for me.

I timed just listing the shares from my linux machine: (activating smb1 results in 59 seconds).

 time smbclient -N -L

	Sharename       Type      Comment
	---------       ----      -------
	disque          Disk
	IPC$            IPC       IPC Service (partage)
Reconnecting with SMB1 for workgroup listing.
smbXcli_negprot_smb1_done: No compatible protocol selected by server.
Protocol negotiation to server (for a protocol between NT1 and NT1) failed: NT_STATUS_INVALID_NETWORK_RESPONSE
Unable to connect with SMB1 -- no workgroup available

Executed in   38.97 secs      fish           external
   usr time   61.05 millis  731.00 micros   60.32 millis
   sys time   17.35 millis  588.00 micros   16.76 millis

This is a screenshot of the configuration in LuCI

I’m out of ideas of what I could try in order to have a faster browsing, and any hint would be greatly appreciated :wink:

Try using ksmbd instead.


Thank you, that changed radically and is now completely usable.

If someone tumbles on this post, I also installed ksmbd-avahi-service for the discovery

Shouldn’t the wiki mention it, or was I just on a weird specific situation?

The RT-AX53U is mt7621a with 2*880 MHz mips 1004Kc and 256 MB RAM, samba both needs CPU & (disk-) I/O performance, as well as RAM to cache directory structures - if it doesn't have either, it gets slow. ksmbd has some advantages for this (as in a lower general RAM footprint), but it can't really do any magic either, this hardware just isn't fast (CPU, disk, RAM) enough to act as a performant file server (but ksmbd might push it just into the 'good enough' territory for streaming movies).

The problem wasn’t “smb is slow”. It was “it requires 30 seconds just to list what shares are available and for listing each directory with 10 files”. The transfer speed where good enough.
The goal isn’t to make a big performant file server, just downloading files and make them available to the media player.

As I said, 11Mb/secs where plenty for me (it jumped to 21 now, USB2 would probably be the bottleneck here, if it’s not my old magnetic hard drive salvaged from an old laptop). The problem was really the browsing.

So ksmbd didn’t push it to “good enough” territory, but went from “unusable unless you have the path to the file” to “it couldn’t be better for my use”

Samba3.6 is also a good alternative, ksmb is good enough but it was rather unstable (at least it was for me). I guess it depends on hardware.

it isn't available in openwrt 23.

One can install it manually.

compiling it from scratch, just to get rid of ksmbd ?

sounds like a fun project....

Just why would this need compiling?

scroll back three posts....

How come I'm still using it without compiling? One just need to manually install 2 ipk's (server and luci) from older builds. And That's it.

because you cheated ? :slight_smile:

if it works, great!

not sure all users are prepared to go down that road though.

Well this option is there for a reason. And I just used that reason!

One simply needs to install these two files either by luci or command.

Luci for samba3

Please note these files are for mips_24kc only.
And it's not like these two are kmods. Nothing wrong with installing these as per one's use.

if it would have been a valid option, samba3 would still be in the v23 repo.

but I'm glad it works.

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On my 7 year old WRT32X (mvebu) I got 110 MB/s read / 115 MB/s write, on my new GL-MT6000 (Filogic) I get 85 MB/s read / 115 MB/s write. Performance nearly maxes out gigabit lan. It's odd the older router has slightly faster reads not sure why.

But with Ksmbd it was a bit slower and would randomly pause on large reads, never looked into why. Maybe I should try it again.

Anyway, point of my reply is this must be platform dependant, because Samba4 has been nothing but fantastic in my experience.

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