SmartTV has wireless connection issues from time to time

Hi guys,

Since switching to OpenWrt (I use it for more than a month using snapshot builds for my DIR-882) I have various trouble with my 2019 Samsung SmartTV. It's connected via wireless, signal should be good as it is just 2m away. The TV very often doesn't have internet connection although it has IP assigned that I statically configured in router's DHCP. The TV is showing that it is connected to the router but the router doesn't have internet connection.
My guess is that the TV is always connecting on 2.4GHz, I don't think it supports 5Ghz.

The only solution seems to be to restart the router and then test the connection again on the TV.

I don't have this issue with other devices on the network but indeed they may be usually connected on 5Ghz.

Any ideas how to debug this?