Smartphone wifi internet connection dropping out

Hi. I have installed and setup latest LEDE on my Linksys WRT1900ACSv2. Modem is a TG799vac bridged.
Internet for laptops and desktop all working fine.
The wifi is fine across all devices but the connections for the smartphones is not correct somehow. I get "internet may not be available" message (it connects and authenticates ok).
I am very new to LEDE and dont know much other than using Luci GUI.
Can anyone help me with this? I'm sure its only a small thing since laptops and desktop are all connecting fine, its just the phones.

What ATA do you use? My OBi202 always reconnects, without router setup.

I don't think he's talking about a phone call he's talking about a smart phone that won't stay connected via wifi.

@piquet I've been having similar flaky wifi with my WRT1900ACSv2 and have been working on debugging aspects of it here: (Solved) Flaky wifi with WRT1900ACS v2 and Android phones

I've had your same "internet not available" type messages as well on my android phones.

In general this wifi device has been a real PITA for months and months. I'm close to giving up and replacing my 3 wifi APs (the main one of which is the WRT1900ACSv2 ) with 2 TP-Link EAP 225 v3s since I have a separate router anyway.

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I personally would recommend you install more up-to-date wireless radio driver built by @eduperez, but that would require some command line knowledge.

Depending on your ISP/connection, it's not abnormal for Android devices to briefly show "internet is not available" tho.

Sorry murraydr44, dlakelan is correct. Its the smartphone wifi connection. Apologies, just reread my query. I should have stated it more clearly.
At the moment it seems to be behaving itself now. Strange, cos all I tried was fiddling with security stuff etc to see if it was the cypher etc. The smartphones have remained connected to wifi for the last 14-15hrs. I got up this morning thinking they may have disconnected with no use overnight but they are connected fine still.

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How do you find the smartphone wifi lag? My father reported a 1 second delay, years ago, while going through wifi instead of wired phone link.