Smartphone / Iphone USB Tethering auto start after power on router

Good morning everyone I am new to this world, I am doing a bit with this router operating system. I managed to install and use openwrt on these two GL-MT300N-V2 devices, RP-WD03.
I followed this guide to set up the USB tethering connection from iphone to the two devices, everything works perfectly.

The only problem is that once the router is turned off, when the router is turned on again with the USB cable already connected between the iPhone and the router, the Tethering connection is not automatically reactivated, but the following command must be sent from the command line '' / usr / sbin / usbmuxd -v ''. Confirm the connection request on the iphone and after a few seconds the connection is established.

So I ask you if someone kindly tells me step by step on how to set up an automatic execution of the command `` / usr / sbin / usbmuxd -v '' after 30 seconds that the router has started correctly. So you don't have to enter the line command every time.

Thanks again.

The versione of OpenWrt is 18.06.5 r7897-9d401013fc / LuCI openwrt-18.06 branch (git-19.309.48729-bc17ef6)

What happens if you go to the phone and turn on tethering(*) but don't do anything on the router? The router should see the phone announce that it has a new USB mode then ubus will launch the driver. That's all that I have needed to do with an Android phone. The phone OS does require user permission to restart tether every time after it is disconnected.

  • this means drill down into the phone settings menu-- there won't be a pop-up on the home screen since without action from the router, it doesn't know that someone wants to tether.

Hello and thank you for replying, your help is very important.
The procedure you describe is correct if I use an andoid smartphone, I just tried it with my oneplus t3 plus, once everything was set up correctly. When the router is restarted or when the usb of the android smartphone is disconnected and hung up, it connects immediately after setting the type of connection of the usb.

The problem is if I use an Iphone device.

Surfing the net on other forums I came across other users who, like me, had to face my own solution. And on this Github link this user has compiled a script that is right for me. I just loaded the script and did some tests with both Iphone and Android and it works perfectly.

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