Smartdnsproxy for openwrt

Please tell me how to correctly configure the DNS from the SmartdNSPROXY service. The Mikrotik Hap Lite (RB941 2nD) device is used, with a pre -installed firmware Openwrt 19.07 and DNS HTTPS Proxy Settings. The device operates in WiFi repeater mode. In my region, the side of the DNS server is blocked, the task of bypassing the lock.
I will be grateful for the help.

Please show

ubus call system board

and lets see if we can get it to a supported release

You need to run https-dns-proxy on a device which is acting as a resolver in your network.

"kernel": "4.14.275",
"hostname": "OpenWrt",
"system": "Qualcomm Atheros QCA9533 ver 2 rev 0",
"model": "MikroTik RouterBOARD 941-2nD",
"board_name": "rb-941-2nd",
"release": {
"distribution": "OpenWrt",
"version": "19.07.10",
"revision": "r11427-9ce6aa9d8d",
"target": "ar71xx/mikrotik",
"description": "OpenWrt 19.07.10 r11427-9ce6aa9d8d"

Can you write in more detail how to set up to work and change the current IP address to IP DNS from SmartdNSPROXY?

You need a new router and a supported version. With what you have you can only maintain connection to unencrypted forwarders for dnsmasq.

Is there really no chance to get around the blocking of the DNS?

You can install like DoH DoT DNSCrypt proxy on any linux desktop, including those in a virtual machine.

And why it is impossible to put DNSCRYPT-PROXY2, in the list of packages it is

Because every file on your ancient router has a security hole or two.

This is not critical, this device is used as an VPN point to bypass regional restriction. Please tell me how to configure me correctly so that the Internet gets the desired geolocation

You need a decent router, you can build chain of openwrt and linux desktop or lone linux desktop using virtual machines, so there are no physical pieces hanging around.

No, sorry, I have no idea what SmartdNSPROXY is.