Smart switch has 2.5 GbE SFP port but what is it used for

I have symmetrical 1.0 Gbit from my ISP. I have my router connected directly to the cable modem and then connected to a smart switch to take care of VLAN tags. There is a dumb access point also connected to the smart switch. I see that the switch has a port for 2.5 GbE SFP connections but I don't understand what I would use it for.

SFP usually is for a fiber optic connection, but not always.


I cannot get standard cat6 patch cable to even fit in the connector. It is not RJ45.

if it's just a square hole, you need to buy a ethernet SFP module.

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Correct - that was already explained above. I even mentioned fiber optic cables, so I'm lost at why you tried RJ-45 CAT6 copper?

@msilletti - @frollic is correct. You would need a compatible Gigabit Ethernet SFP with RJ-45 output if that's what you desire.

I'm not sure why you're under the impression it's RJ-45, I even provided a Wikipedia link - feel free to take a look.

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