Smart Queue Management

Well 430 > 360 Mbps and the speed was more consistent in the last measurement. But sure that still is short of what you could theoretically expect from your 500000 Kbps limit at 44 bytes per packet overhead (over TCP/IPv4):
500 * ((1500-20-20)/(1544)) = 472.8 Mbps
And the variability in the tests also looks fishy...

Now I would like some guidance on the issue I am facing. I appreciate @dlakelan recommending on trying RPi4 to get the full speed. There is no full release from Openwrt for RPi4 , therefore I would like recommendation of hardware that can be easily installed with OpenWRT to get the Full Gigabit with SQM.
If possible to list a few choices from Most expensive to Least .

I greatly appreciate your help

Tons of people are running RPi4 using the master release, it works fine.

Correct me if I am wrong, You mean the snapshot release linked here?

Correct, the snapshot releases seem to work well for people.

I just received my RPi4 and flashed to the snapshot release. I was able to connect to it through normal LAN as the DHCP server worked normally. My TP-Link Ethernet adapter is a few days out. how would i go about configuring the WAN on the "TP-Link Ethernet adapter"on a connection (PPPoe) and enable SQM + cake through CLI.

I re-read your post on RPi4 and you mentioned that you installed multiple things

  • irqbalance
  • enable Receive Packet Steering:
    and enabled it on my ethernet devices:
    echo 2 > /sys/class/net/eth1/queues/rx-0/rps_cpus
    echo 1 > /sys/class/net/eth0/queues/rx-0/rps_cpus
    -nftables firewall + HFSC
    Are all these required to get the full gigabit SQM benefits?

Those things were only needed because I was running Raspbian not OpenWrt... OpenWrt handles most of those things automatically. You should install the SQM package to get queue management, that's about it.

As for the ethernet adapter, you need to install the appropriate usb kernel mods. I'm not quite sure which ones they are, it's a r8152 chipset so search the available kmods for that.