SMART Monitoring with Email Alerts?

Is there any easy way to enable SMART monitoring for USB attached drives plus email alerts on OpenWrt?

Thanks in advance.

I'm not aware of any "easy" way in the sense you can just install some package. You would first need to check if the enclosure of your external drive supports SAT (SCSI / ATA Translation).

Maybe this thread on SuperUser about flash drives and SMART could be useful.

As it turns out you can install smartmontools on openwrt. Perhaps you could combine this with mailsend in a custom script to check the health of the drives.

Or perhaps you could use smartd's integrated ability to send emails when it discovers problems - my guess would be that this is your best bet at a "plug-and-play" solution. Perhaps this guide could help.

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Thanks a lot.

I've installed smartmontools, it works.

I remember setting up smartd on a full-blown Linux system before, it's too much work :sweat_smile:

A cron job with mailsend is a good option which I shall pursue in future if I have time.

Thanks a lot!

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