Smart Connect settings

Hello, can I enable a function like Smart Connect on OpenWrt?

What exactly is smart connect and what does it do?

Smart Connect is a feature on some routers that allows you to connect multiple devices to a Wi-Fi network without having to create separate networks or enter complex settings. It automatically detects devices and assigns them optimal connection parameters, making it easier to use the Internet. This feature is especially useful for large families or offices with many devices.

Great advertising speak, but what actually is it? What does it do in the real world? If you had a router with 'Smart Connect' what would you be expecting to see happen in relation to your setup/devices?


Are you saying that Smart Connect is a useless function?

Possibly. It may just be a clever marketing “feature” that really isn’t any different than standard WiFi features.

What is important is to understand is what is the practical impact it has and what this feature enables that would otherwise require complex user/admin configuration


@psherman has put it more eloquently, but to confirm: As I don't know what it is I couldn't say one way or another.

can I then just leave the 5ghz network on the router? Will a large number of devices clog the channel or does it not matter and it is more important that the router itself has time to process user data?

On OpenWrt? Yes.

It’s not entirely clear what you are asking here… but let’s try:

From what I can tell, the “smart connect” feature simply uses the same SSID for both 2G and 5G radios. There isn’t anything special about this arrangement, probably just a pretty user interface for the setting. IIRC, Verizon FiOS had a similar thing they called “Self organizing networks.” Really, it’s what happens mostly automatically as a function of setting both radios with the same SSID, possibly with the addition of ‘band steering’ to attempt to direct client devices to one band or the other.

Meanwhile, can you define “a large number of devices”? In general, for most normal home use cases, the device count on the network isn’t large enough to present any issues in terms of overcrowding. Typically it’s more about bandwidth utilization and not client count. As the network grows very large, yes, client count issues can be real, but I’m guessing you’re not at that point here.

As for your original question:

OpenWrt supports the use of the same or different SSIDs on each radio — your choice. When comparing against the “Smart Connect” feature, the difference is that you set each radio individually (there isn’t a GUI option to set (or un-set) both at the same time). So while the “Smart connect” feature itself is not available or supported on OpenWrt, there is no real need for it because you can set your SSIDs on each band to be the same if you want, and it’s a trivial difference in terms of the configuration effort/process.

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