Smallest package that allows OpenWrt access behind NAT

Hey fellas

I've been using Softether for a very long time, and it contains a feature to connect to the router via VPN even if it's located behind NAT. It's called VPN Azure. You register a free domain and just connect to that.

The softether package is still 5MB and since I'm trying to fit a lot of functionality into a tiny 16MB flash I'm wondering. What's the smallest package that has a similar feature?

And, no I don't really want to rely on using my own public IP server somewhere else to bounce off of. It's hard to ensure that will always be online.

I have heard of other free services but I forgot their names.

This is not to be used as the main form of access but as a backdoor in case the main access goes down because I configured it wrong or something.


Look at this list:
[OpenWrt Wiki] packages:index:network---vpn

How about [OpenWrt Wiki] package: tinc

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Thank you!

It seems that Zerotier takes up "only" 1.2MB space including all dependencies.

So right now 1.2MB is the size to beat. Anyone know anything smaller?

Tinc actually takes 3.9MB including dependencies.


Wireguard? Only adds 120KB to my router.


Cool. Does wireguard support behind NAT access? Is it cloud based or?

WG is main Peer-to-Peer .

One party must be reachable over Internet (listening for connections. Simple port forwarding by NAT will do.)

The calling party can be behind NAT as well.

There are keepalive options, to prevent NAT table from expiring.

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Ahh! Ok well that may be ok but it's not ideal.

I'm not sure the public IP server I'd direct this wireguard to, is going to be online when I'll be needing that backdoor.

Thank you but I think I'd go with something more cloud based. I think Zerotier is, but I'm not entirely sure.

Get a free VPS at some cloud provider, have the router automatically establish a ssh tunnel to it, allowing you to use it in the other direction internet > VPS > openwrt.