Small question about building driver from source for UPS connected to OpenWRT router

Hi, I have PowerWalker 2200 SHL UPS connected to OpenWRT router. I'm using it with nut-driver-usbhid-ups driver. I'm on snapshot OpenWRT build and using 2.8.0-3 version of nut package and 2.8.0-3 nut-driver-usbhid-ups package.
I want to have an option to switch UPS's beeper off, but now I can't do it.
I want to build usbhid-ups driver from NUT source (it seems, newest driver build has some fixes for this UPS) and install it on the router. Or just build NUT and drivers for OpenWRT?
How can I do that? I mean, I want to use newest NUT build from master branch with my current OpenWRT build.