Small nanddump backup during HH5A install

I'm installing openwrt on a HH5A following the Installation guide.

Currently, the installation image (lede-lantiq-xrx200-BTHOMEHUBV5A-installimage.bin) is booted.
In Step 5, backup of the stock firmware, the nanddump file is much smaller than the expected 128 MiB.

Repeating the nanddump or restarting the whole installation did not yield different results.

root@lede:/# nanddump --file ~/hh5a.nanddump /dev/mtd4
ECC failed: 0
ECC corrected: 0
Number of bad blocks: 1
Number of bbt blocks: 4
Block size 131072, page size 2048, OOB size 64
Dumping data starting at 0x00000000 and ending at 0x08000000...
root@lede:/# ls -l ~
-rw-r--r--    1 root     root      55320576 Nov  5 21:41 hh5a.nanddump

I have transferred the nanddump to my PC.
I guess continuing with the installation is not safe?

Correct, there is something fishy (I got 133'300'224 bytes, with one bad erase block).

The HH5A does not have enough RAM to store the firmware backup.
You should write it to a path where a USB flash drive is mounted.

Writing to a flash drive crashes my HH5A. It randomly reboots to CFG 04 during the write process. Any ideas how to fix or debug this further?

Connect the USB stick before powering on the BTHub5 (and don't connect/ disconnect it while running).

Try with a powered USB hub between the HH5A and the USB stick.

Did you try a different older usb pen drive?
Other possibility is there may be a problem with the power adapter if it is very old.

Connecting the flash drive before power up and leaving it connected solved the problem.
Waiting for the front LEDs to turn blue before starting nanddump was also necessary. (As mentioned in the Installation Guide PDF)

Thanks for the fast help

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