Small 2 (or more) LAN router without WiFi module

Hello, can anyone suggest a small and affordable router with 2 (or more) LANs and at least one USB port, with official LEDE support and without WiFi. GL-MT300N would be ideal but it has a WiFi module.

What does "affordable" mean to you?
You certainly have a limit, therefore: Name this limit.

My limit is $30, but considering that the device that I mentioned is $20 in Amazon, and I need a similar one just without WiFi, a $20 device would be preferable.

See yourself what's in the ToH (prefiltered for USB2.0, no Wifi, supported by 17.01.0).
Filter yourself for LAN ports (not so many devices after this filtering).[USB+ports_~%5D=2.0&dataflt%5BAvailability~%5D=available&dataflt%5BLEDE+Supported+Current+Rel_releasepage*~%5D=17.01.0&dataflt%5BWLAN+2.4GHz*~%5D=-&dataflt%5BWLAN+5.0GHz*~%5D=-

Thank you. After filtering for 2 or more LAN ports, the answer is there is no such device.

Would it be possible to physically desolder the wifi power pin of the GL-MT300N (or other similar) device's PCB to make sure that it can't be activated?

Could you just ?

rmmod "YourWifiDriver"

It's kinda security requirement I presume (or maybe there is another sensitive to radio-waves hardware around), as I'm not sure yet, but it is a hard requirement: no wifi. So they are not OK with just a software switch. Thanks for the suggestion nonetheless.

RB750UP ! but I don't know if is compatible with LEDE.

Aha, I've forgotten about Mikrotik. It's well above $30 and only 32MB of RAM, but I might go for it if there is nothing else and it does work with LEDE. Thanks again.