Small 16 Port Switch

I need a small 16 port switch that runs OpenWrt. The Zyxel GS1900-16 seems to be hard to find. Are there any other options that can be flashed, without having to open the case?

Here are all you switch options.

Seems the d-link DGS-1210 is the only other 16 port device supported, since the Panasonic probably will be hard to find.

What about a small 24-port switch, like the GS1900-24E?

How do you define “small”? Pretty much all switches above 8-ports are made to be mounted in 19” racks and that gives pretty much the same measurements on all switches.

The GS1900-16 seems supported, very happy with my ZyXEL switches.

The GS1900-16 is pretty much only available on the North American market, for strange reasons it seems to have never made it anywhere else (but if you can get it, it should be fine).

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There’s a lot of 10-16 port switches that are almost a full rack size (in width). I don’t want one of those. It needs to fit inside a structured media cabinet. The GS1900-16 is a good size.

Last time I checked, these had to be opened. Is that not the case?

I would avoid the DGS-1210 series, unless you really know what you're getting into (the current OEM firmware (v6.30.x/ v7.30.x) is encrypted, it's unclear if you can install OpenWrt on those at all; lots of little details, exact h/w revision, exact currently installed OEM firmware version, serial console a bit harder to reach (opening, removing heat sink, soldering filled solder holes, … - rewarded by more flash, but very risky).

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Sorry guys, it looks like I can actually get a GS1900-16 after all. They weren’t coming up when I searched on Amazon, but they are shown as an option when you search for other models. Case closed! Thanks for your input.

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Make sure that those are actually the GS1900-16, not gs1600-16 or gs1100-16.

I just double checked and they’re definitely GS1900-16.


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