Slow write speeds external HDD

Hello I have an Archer C2 with a connected ext4 usb drive. Write speeds using scp are 1-2.5MB/s, rsync is even slower.

Are these expected results or is there some configuration to optimize?

While that is a little slower that I would expect (but I'm not using mt7620 myself), it's not far below my guesstimated figures (based on my experiences with 400 MHz early ar71xx) either - so I wouldn't think there's much room for improvement (USB is a very CPU heavy protocol, combined with the encryption you're easily hitting the limits of a 580 MHz single core mips CPU).


Indeed, I'd also expect it to be slightly faster but not by much. You need beefier hardware (ARM preferably) if you want better performance overall.

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Thanks for the reply. So if i wanted to make a tiny fileserver I should just go for more cpu then? Are there any powerful routers that would get good speeds?
Tinkering now with a little atom pc now to make as server maybe even owncloud but it's power consumption is nothing like a router.

By the way read speeds are exactly the same! :frowning:

RPI4 with at least 2G of RAM might be a viable option or Espressobin (native SATA)


NextCloud runs quite well on an APU2/3C4.

Running it along with a half-dozen service jails under FreeBSD and ZFS, mirrored SSDs. Draws 7-10 W from mains. Iā€™d imagine good performance under Linux/OpenWrt as well.

Newer x86_64 / amd64 boards are also available.

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Thanks for the suggestions!
At the end I have setup the atom media pc I had laying around and will see how it goes and how much use I get out of it.

Still trying to evaluate between rsync or owncloud still got testings to do.

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