Slow WAN -> LAN speeds QMI

Hi all,

I have built openwrt/lede for a BananaPi and have been using it for a LTE hotspot modem. I recently switched to QMI protocol and rebuilt the image with the correct drivers, it works!

But the issue comes with speeds, when I connect over serial and run a speed test I get 20/mbps down but when I connect over ethernet the speeds drop to 0.50/mbps.

Any thoughts?

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Nobody can help?

I am open to any suggestions

Generic troubleshooting, such as:

  • CPU utilization
  • Packet drops, errors, or overruns on the interfaces of the router
  • wireshark or tcpdump on the wired connection on your "desktop" to see if there are problems with the desktop-to-router connection

The desktop to router speed is 1.0gbps

I am looking into cpu utilization but I was using tethered sprint hotspot before and getting 12-15mpbs with the same BananaPi

I use an R8152 usb-fast ethernet adaptor for the wan interface. I use the snapshots, which work quite well. The cpu faces the ceiling and is cool either way.

For anyone that stumbles over this thread and is looking for the solution it ended up being that I needed to setup a firewall rule to change the TTL in OpenWRT for all LAN traffic to 65

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