Slow transfer speeds to USB3

Hello everyone,

I bought a "xiaomi router 3G" and I just installed latest version of openwrt to my device.

Then I installed SAMBA to my device and I am able to access from various devices to router's usb disk.

When I watch 4K videos there is no problem but when I start to transfer a file from PC to USB disk;

Windows 10 SAMBA Network Speed: 5-6 Mb/s
Filezilla FTP Speed: 1-2 Mb/s

This transfer speeds are same for wireless and cable LAN setup.

My Setup:

2017 iMac with 1Gbps Ethernet Port
Xiaomi Router 3G with Openwrt
WD Green 3TB HDD with USB3 HDD Box

P.S.: I had TP-LINK VR2800 and I was able to 60-62 Mb/s transfer speeds with same setup except Mi router.

  • I am newbie at this subject. Please explain to me like you're explaining the kid.
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I have exactly the same problem with my setup on x86. Same hardware under Ubuntu has 10x transfer speeds. Very interested in any suggestions.

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I have Xiaomi R3G and WR1200JS file transferred 1 500 M

First test :

USB3 Xiaomi R3G :
R3G -> PC 45Mb/s
PC -> R3G 25Mb/s but start after some 20 secondes

USB2 WR1200JS :
WR1200JS -> PC 40 Mb/s
PC -> WR1200JS 25 Mb/s but start after some 20 secondes

if i upload another similar file the upload hang often

I use a USB3 ASAP adapter with a SSD

With a QNAP TBS453A i have 100 Mb/s upload and download with internal SSD or external USB3

Did you check that you have all the required drivers intalled (kmod-usb*). The following document gives a good overview:

That solved the issue for me.

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