Slow stfp file transfer speed

I'm new at Openwrt, I bought a zyxel nbg6617 and install openwrt on it. Right now ı have one major problem that ı couldn't find a solution.
I connect my hard disk (sony hd e1) to this router and my pc connected with lan cable, when I tried to transfer files to hard disk with stfp Filezilla it won't exceed 3.2 megabyte per second for just one file, also ıt's transferring only two file at same time. I think this is too slow how can I fix this.
Also I tried using ftp protocol but vsftpd is stopped and I couldn't started it. I don't have a config file for vsftp in etc folder

I am not an expert on using OpenWrt as a NAS, but most wifi router hardware options don't really deliver good disk performance. Did you try this method using the original stock firmware? And did it have better performance? If so, maybe there are some things in the OpenWrt configuration that are not optimized... but if the performance is more or less the same, it's probably limited by the hardware.

No I didn't tried with stock firmware, also I didn't install samba one of my friend has same router but has better transfer speed, as last resort I will install his backup.

You may try installing SAMBA, as that may possibly work better. It would be good to know your friend's configuration and the performance that he is getting.

Thanks a lot Samba solve my problem.

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