Slow speeds with 22.03.4 on RPi4

I have had a few attempts to get openwrt on my RPi. It installs fine everything looks good but I only get 65Mbs when it should be 600Mbs. I have tried another download and different microsd cards but still the same result I am using the recommended tp-link UE 300. When I request the download I add kmod-usb-net-rtl8152 luci luci-ssl as I can't see them on the dropdown menu for installed apps.

How are you measuring the speed?

And how do the speed relate to the uSD card ?

Ah, you're saying that you're running that speedtest on a client connected to the RPi4. Run htop while you do the speed test. Is the speed CPU bound?

I have the setup you're describing and pull down 1000 Mbps.

Feel a bit stupid, it was my old laptop I was setting it up with, should be fine on my PC