Slow speeds between qmi_wan and lan

I have built lede with QMI and raw-ip support and want to use it as an AP for my router to the internet.

Right now I can access the internet via ssh/serial through the lede AP I created but when I connect my router to the AP the speed slow down to 0.5mbps

Board: bananapi
CPU: Allwinner A20 1.0 ghz
RAM: 1gb ddr3

Speed from lede board to internet is 20mbps

Speed to internet via lan port from router is 0.5mbps

CPU is not maxing out, router to lede board speed is 1gbps

What could be causing the slowdown over LAN?

Assuming you have nailed down problems like wireless antenna connections and so forth, the typical reason for bad performance is that the network interface has a crappy open source driver, which is acting up and causing issues.

The way you have written you post, I cannot tell if you are having problem with the wireless or the wired network, but you may want to look up the exact chip online, which may help you find a solution. Often enough all you have to do is disable the feature that is creating problems.


Dustin, thanks so much for your reply!

Yes, I have verified all the external antenna, power requirements and such.

The driver I am using is qmi over usb and all I need from my lede board is a pass through between the qmi usb and Ethernet port to send to my router.

Can you check what ethernet driver is in use?

From the information you gave, I cannot even resolve which hardware model this is.


I found the problem!

So basically t-mobile was looking for ttl 65 and was not getting it so it was slowing down my speeds.

The fix was to add iptables -t mangle -A PREROUTING -j TTL --ttl-set 65 to /etc/firewall.user and reboot!

Please note that t-mobile was the only carrier to present this problem but all slowdowns over LTE should be checked for this problem.

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How did you dig up that little gem??

LONG hours of research and a service provider technician who was willing to tell me :slight_smile:

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I've got to say that I've been impressed with the upper-tier of T-Mobile support with some of the challenges we've faced. Thanks for posting back, as getting back-up transport over LTE is on my list for this summer.

Awesome! If you have any questions feel free to ask as would be happy to help!

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