Slow rate between hardwired hosts on LAN

I built my firmware and all seems well except I get 1MB/sec instead of 10MB/sec. This is an older device with 100Mbit LAN ports. So the hosts are on the same LAN thru this device.

Any thing I should look at? It looks like it's connecting at 10Mbit instead of 100Mbit.

Wireless or wired?

Have you looked at your network card configs?

I haven't had to look at network card configs for so long because they always just link up correctly based on what's on the other end of the cable. Fairly certain it's the router.

Try running iperf

Traffic between devices in the same LAN usually travels through the switch, which should work the same irregardless of the firmware installed on the router; these kind of issues can rarely be blamed on LEDE.

That said, and given the speeds you are experiencing, I would check that all the devices affected report a 100Mbs link.

This is good info to have! I will check the cables because no hardware has changed.