Slow performance with Coovachilli configuration

Thanx mk24 for the information.... really helpful
i am connected to internet after authentication
but i am getting only 7 Mbps downloading and 1 Mbps uploading on 5ghz 100mbps connection
radius also configured to unlimited speed
i think i have done mistake somewhere

You're bumping a three years old thread, with (pretty much) the problem description "it's slow" ?

its slow we tried it on 100mbps internet getting only 7mbps download
May be issue with my configuration, i ll try mk24 settings carefully because i am using
dhcpif 'wlan1' for hotspot ```tundev 'tun0' and i didnt use few options earlier
i am facing coova redirecting processing page for 10 second then i connect to login page
and slow browsing speed issue after authentication

Thank you

frollic can you please help with slow download upload speed issue?

@Raji - I have split (original here) this topic since this seems like a performance issue rather than an issue getting Coovachilli running in general.

I cannot help with Coovachilli, but it could be useful if you provide details about your configuration as well as test you have run that provide some insight into the role of Coovachilli (vs other factors such as wifi settings).


Which device R U using ?

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Hello i am using TP-LINK Archer C20 .after start chilli i got 10mbps download and 30mbps upload.

Sir here is the configuration below

wan is dhcp client behind Nat Modem
dhcpif Tested on 5ghz wlan1 also on br-lan
Only Upload speed increased with using

option defbandwidthmaxdown 0

but Download speed same as 9-10mbps.... :confused:

And if you disable Coovachilli, do you get faster speeds?

yes sir after i disable coova chilli i get 40-55mbps download....

There is always a throughput penalty, when using chilli. Simply because of tun.

sir is there any alternate solution?

Faster router, for example.

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Hi Sir
Today i Tried with Router have following
MediaTek MT7621A
CPU Cores:
Flash MB:

But still i am getting only 22mbps downloading and 60mbps uploading
if its depends on router processor and ram then why it give 60mbps upload??
please explain
Thank you

(Much) Better than this, from before: Hello i am using TP-LINK Archer C20 .after start chilli i got 10mbps download and 30mbps upload.

Sir i agree with you but But why Upload is almost double though the hardware is same....if there is downloading speed 22mbps then uploading should be same...i hope u understand my point.. Thank you