Slow internet speed

After installing openwrt on Totolink n300rt I have a little more then a half of internet provider`s speed,and Idk why.Maybe i must configure something?

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What version did you manage to install?

The current release for this device is 12.09 - which is unsupported.

Also see this warning applicable to your device:

installed 14.07.All working fine,but internet speed...And i don`t want to return to stock for many reasons.

And link that you mentioned-there isn`t my device. -here is the link

  • If you claim that's not your device, please provide the TECHDATA page for you device.
  • Also, I see a 4_32 warning on the page you linked too, did you heed it?

Because I see this on the page you linked:


This means OpenWrt doesn't support your device.

Yes,i know that there is no official support/What did you mean TECHDATA

  • I asked you to find this page for you device; but you stated it's not supported:


Since there is no official support; and the firmware you flashed isn't even OpenWrt, I don't think anyone in the community can assist much. Also be advised, your issue is indicative of flashing firmware that causes resource issues on 4_32 devices.

Perhaps you can inquire with the person who created the images you're flashing.

Hi guys. I have exactly the same issue with my TP Link Archer C2 AC750. The GUI is great quite better than the original abandoned by the brand 4 years ago, but this issue doesn’t allow me to sleep well. I’ve tried enabling flow offloading but without changes. Is there a way to fix it or a way to report this issue to the developer team. I’m available to deliver info as needed.

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This year-old thread is regarding another device. You may want to create a new thread.

:bulb: (I also think you'll find information searching the forum for your issue. :wink: )

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