Slow internet but not in AP mode

Hope my problem is easy to fix.
As the title says, my internet is slow either on YouTube or downloading applications from the Play Store, but on social networks my internet is usually fluid, etc.

this is how my home network is made up:

As shown, my network mapping is slow on the internet, either via wifi or cable
I read on some forums that it could be double nat so I read that the solution was to put my tp-link router in AP mode, but that's what I don't want to do

So what could be the solution? I tried with dmz and nothing

How fast is it from a computer connected by wire directly to the OpenWrt router?

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normal you could say

So, the issue seems to happen on a non-supported router, and there is an obvious solution that you refuse to apply, for reasons you did not tell us; I'm not sure this forum is the right place for this question.

Of course the solution is very obvious, I put my tp link router in access point mode and let openwrt assign the ip to every wired and wireless equipment in my house, but it is the least I want to do.

my question is if the problem is the double nat or is it something else