Slow internet access, Xiaomi 4A gigabit

first of all i apologize for my bad english.I installed openwrt on linux using a virtual computer.I waited for half an hour at the rebooting screen, then I reset it myself.The yellow light came on, then I reset it and the blue light came on.I logged into the server and set my password.however, it appears to have no internet access.what am I supposed to do, thank you for the help in advance.I'm uploading the images.I made the dns address and and the internet came. But it is very slow. what settings should i do?I would appreciate if you could help with wifi settings too.

What is the openwrt router WAN interface connected to?

Your photos of the Status->Overview look incomplete, and appear to only show the LAN interface. No info about the incoming internet connection.

Also, what is displayed under Luci -> Network -> Interfaces menu?

I am currently connected to the internet, but the page loads are problem in speed test.

Your image reveals you have defined same subnet 192.168.1.x on both WAN and LAN.

I presume the xiaomi is wired to your ISP facing router.

Try changing the LAN IP address of the openwrt router to use a different subnet.
eg. change from to

I did what you said. The openwrt server has changed. internet has improved now. How do I adjust the wireless setting can you help me?

Have you studied the wiki ?

Alternatively, if you require screen capture images of LuCI, have a look at section 9.11 of the 'Openwrt installation guide for HH5a' which describes how to set up wifi, albeit for a different model of openwrt router:

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Thanks man. I'm not currently on the computer, I'll check the settings. If there is a problem, I will write to you. I will close the subject when I reach the solution.

My last question, I know I was tired of you. how can i use it without wan cable or can i use it? and which packages should I install? There are tons of packages.

Refer to wiki pages

wireless client

pseudo wireless bridge using relayd

Also covered in section in 9.12 and 9.10 of 'Openwrt installation guide for HH5a'.

There are known issues afflicting slow upload speeds and DHCP problems when using 'relayd' with Mediatek wifi chipsets. I don't know if they were both ever resolved.

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thanks for your help. I don't need to make these settings again in case of a possible shutdown, right?

I don't understand your question.

You can always save your openwrt settings, before making any changes.
LuCI -> System -> Backup/Flash firmware - > Generate Archive

my question is to save the settings. do i need to do it again at every boot?

OpenWrt remembers settings if it is working normally and you choose to shut down and restart the router.

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thanks. Thank you very much for your help. I've been struggling for days but couldn't find a solution.the subject may be closed. regards man.

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