Slow Download/Upload after assigning Static IP


I'm looking for ideas and suggestions as to what could be the cause of slow download and upload rates after I moved to use my own router with a static IP address (ISP gateway running in bridged mode). To be clear, I'm on a symmetric 940Mbps link but I'm getting ~220Mbps Download and ~490Mbps upload.

I use a Linksys WRT3200ACM router running OpenWRT fully updated. My WAN is using a static IP address assigned by my ISP connecting to the WAN using PPPoE (Fiber to the premise). I'm using VLANs (tagged). I'm using NAT for my LAN (Firewall - Masquerading). I've also got SQM and DNS over HTTPS.

The symptoms were these:

  1. When I moved from the ISP modem to the Linksys Router my Download/Upload rates went down by about 300Mbps.

  2. After assigning the static IP address the download rate was cut about in half, upload is still the same.

I can only guess I've missed a configuration in either my firewall or routes which is causing unnecessary overhead but I can't figure out what am i missing.

Thanks in advance!

Can you repeat the test with the ISP's modem again, but with the static IP address?

Hey! it says its 500Mbps DL, 490 Mbps Up. It is an improvement but still well below what's advertised.

So, this does not look like an OpenWrt issue after all, does it?

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On the resetting the router and re-doing the configuration fixed things so my guess it was something else I misconfigured.

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