Slow download through USBWAN @ RTL8153

I have Xiaomi Mi WiFi R3 (MT7620A CPU580MHz,128MB DDR2) connected to internet through USB using i-tec USB 3.0 Metal HUB 3 Port + Gigabit (RTL8153)

I get 55Mbits download and 160Mbit/s upload from IP 300MBit/s plan. Why download is not 160MBit/s also? Even if my laptop is half meter away from router. Tested several times, I was not downloading anything.
Are there some things I can check, change? Or I have to buy a gigabit router?

You have pretty weak CPU. I have a similar usb2eth adapter (without hub) on my RPi4B and works fine on my 250Mbps line.
You can check the cpu utilization with top or htop to verify that while you transfer a big file and hit the ceiling.


I was downloading big file, 7.5MB/sec, the graph most of the time was frozen:

This was uploading at 10.2MB/sec, graph didn't freeze:

Why downloading consumes more CPU?

In both cases it is evident that the cpu is overwhelmed.
Downloading can be more stressful because of more checks from firewall to allow the packets.

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Thank you for commenting. Yes, too much CPU usage, I guess dealing with USB also takes additional CPU power and as you said, then downloading firewall takes its part.

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