Slow DNS queries with OpenWrt 22.03.1 and https-dns-proxy package

Hi, I upgraded my TP Link Archer A7 router from 22.03.0 to .1, installed the https-dns-proxy package and noticed slow DNS responses when using Android mobile browsers (Chrome, Firefox). The mobile browsers timed out waiting for DNS responses. Desktop browsers seemed to not throw these errors. That said, they took noticeably longer to load web pages.

Changing HTTPS over DNS providers did not provide relief.

I reverted to 22.03.0, installed the https-dns-proxy package, and restored the router configuration. As a result, the mobile browser experience is back to normal, and the desktop browsers are now noticeably faster.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issues with this router configuration?

yes, i have the same issues with Dot, unbound ,but different device. 22.03.0 is just fine.

I did have the same issue on 22.03.1, with Simple Adblock installed alongside https-dns-proxy. Worked alright on 22.03.0. After a whole day of fiddling and removing Simple Adblock things improved. You can upgrade to 22.03.2 to see if things improve.

@clvgt12 Which DNS server do you use? The default Quad9 DNS has high latency in my area, thus using Quad9 with ECS is the one to go. Makes a huge difference. I just tested it. Moreover, the DNS hijack option introduces even more latency.

I didn't have "Simple Adblock" installed alongside https-dns-proxy. I am seeing SIGTERM being caught by dnsmasq repeatedly if https-dns-proxy is installed. If I 'opkg remove https-dns-proxy' then the SIGTERM stop being caught by dnsmasq.

I used the default /etc/config/https-dns-proxy configuration supplied by opkg when I observed the SIGTERMS.

I have a git Issue ticket opened which documents this -> 19631

Might very well be due the wan6 behaving erratically causing https-dns-proxy to restart and restart dnsmasq in turn. This has been addressed in version 2022-10-15-2.

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Ok in the future I'll upgrade the package and test. I have DoT running with stubby now, and it is meeting my needs...