Slack's Nebula on OpenWrt -- discussion thread

After you create the interface, it should be visible in LuCI under Network->Interfaces.

How do I create the interface? I don't see any new interface type, only the usual ones (DHCP/static/PPP/unmanaged/Wireguard).

Have you restarted the router since you've installed luci-proto-nebula?

PS. Looking at the other threads, a service network restart may be sufficient for system to pick up the new protocol.

Thanks, a reboot did it. I had tried restarting uhttpd but that wasn't enough.

Is there a recommended way to restart Nebula after changing the config? The restart button in LuCI doesn't seem to do anything, but I also need a way from the command line. Just killall -HUP nebula?

If using nebula-proto, same way as any other interface should work. I was planning to improve netifd support but didn't have the time/knowledge to do it before I stopped using nebula.

I think the other way is with ubus. However since restarting nebula from LuCI doesn't work I guess it won't work from ubus either. However I'm looking for a graceful reload rather than a restart so the killall -HUP is better anyway.

Thanks for your help!

I found that when using the protocol integration, the device was never actually added to the configured firewall rules - as viewed with nft list table inet v4 - even though the interface was in the firewall zone.

Instead I used an unmanaged interface containing the nebula device, with nebula-service, and the rules are added OK. This is how I run my former TINC network interface too as TINC has no protocol integration.

Probably due to:

As in, the netifd support is incomplete.

I'm glad the service option is working for you. If you're interested in continuing using nebula on OpenWrt, do consider becoming the maintainer.

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