Skylab Skw92a usb ttl

Hello, especially sorry for my english. I want to explain my problem with simple sentences.

I working on it skylab skw92a module. As a result of long efforts, it finally provided internet connection via hanrun rj45 module, then I flashed openwrt snapshot software from the link instead of the original skylab software. But in snapshot version luci and ssh connections do not work, i can't install the normal version. The only way to access the interface is to use usb ttl, it starts here on my problem. I use CP2102 usb ttl, i connect the pins as in the skylab datasheet, but didn't work. I think its need other circuit elements to work.
I need your advices.
Thanks for your help.;a=commit;h=e42327aa890e64f8bf5e620c2b2a1fd609ce20fb

which is probably 5V

but datasheet says the board is 3.3V

If you believe your board is still alive you will need a level shifter or another 3.3v USB-TTL adapter. Some adapters are switchable between 5 and 3.3, so check yours.

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I think txd rxd and gnd points are used without applying voltage to this card, so which pins should I give the voltage your mentioned?

I solved the problem! I will explain the solution.

1- We need CH340 Usb TTL module
2- Use 25(rxd), 26(txd), 27(gnd) pins on the datasheet
3- But we connect rx and tx pins in reverse to ch340 module
4- Usb tll module connection speed should be 57600
5- After making the connections, connect the module to the computer and run the console
6- Power on the router and you will see the u-boot screen on the console


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