Sky fibre uk info on settings

Hi all, im thinking of joining sky soon and would need to set up my wrt32x when i make the move,Ive seen a few things about needing to clone mac addresses and stuff but that seemed to be a while ago and i was under the impression that it was now alot easier to set up now. Would really appreciate any help and info.

I don't know if there are any users here with Sky UK. I think it's best to check with Sky forums (or technical support) to see what's required, then you post that here to inquire how it can be done.

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Oh, didn't know about that page! Thanks @vgaetera!

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Thanks for the info. I have read those posts already and the older comments talk about wireshark for passwords but thats not needed anymore as sky allows you to use 3rd party routers more easily now, the main point being that dhcp option 61 needs to be supported which im sure openwrt does. What im looking for is how its setup through luci as in what to imput where. Again thanks for all the help on this. Ah just read that dhcp option 61 id just another term for client id.