Sky Fibre Settings

I wonder if anyone can advise me on a setup for this please?
I've got a homehub 5a running LEDE and i've followed the skyuser documentation however the wan card still doesnt connect. Its using skys Option 61 setup.

I've set the wan card to DHCP Client, put in my client ID and Vendor Class.

On the status page the DSL status is UP but the wan is showing as not connected and red on the interfaces page.

Any experience / advice would be great

Have you studied the LEDE installation guide for HH5A ?

Did you enter the VLAN tag correctly?
ie. ptm0.101 for LEDE 17 or dsl0.101 for OpenWRT 18

What errors does system log report?

Thanks for replying bill. I didn’t even know that manual existed! I’ve now resolved it with the 101 tag.

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