Skip cloudflare proxy on local network

Hello earthlings!

Suppose I have the following DNS records registered with Cloudflare:

A - - [Vercel IP]
CNAME - www -
A - home - [My WAN IP]
CNAME - nextcloud -
CNAME - jellyfin -

I also have the following entries in Network > DNS/DHCP > Hostnames: - - -

If I access, say, Jellyfin from a remote device (phone 4G), my connection gets proxied through Cloudflare. This is the desired behaviour.
But, If I want to stream my Jellyfin media to my Android TV box, or access Nextcloud from my desktop PC, the connection still passes through Cloudflare.

How can I connect directly to on LAN instead of passing through Cloudflare using the same FQDNs?

I'm using OpenWRT 22.03, with dnsmasq connected to unbound for DoT. I can provide configs if it helps.

Many thanks!