Sitecom WLR-8100 future OpenWRT releases


My first post and new to OpenWRT. I flashed three Sitecom WLR-8100 routers to version 19.07.3.

I was wondering how to help improve future releases for these routers. The routers seem to be working very well with OpenWRT although I do have some issues with Bluesound players. Most likely related to the fact that the players rely on multicast when playing together.

I’m also willing to learn some of the basics in developing future versions of OpenWRT. I am not a hardcore coder, but I understand the basics and principles from way back.

Any tips or advice where to look and who to get in touch with?


I would wonder if this issue is OpenWrt related. Did it work with stock firmware?

I don't think developer team is seeking for developers where you can apply for a vacancy. You could start with:

If you become a valueable contributor it might be that they will come up to you. But don't expect to much. :wink:

I found the cause: a MikroTik router used as a switch (although non of the Bluesound player run through this switch). Since RouterOS is hard to check for disrupting settings I replaced it with a Sitecom WLR-7100 with OpenWRT installed. Bridged all lan ports with IGMP snooping enabled and all Bluesound players are again rock solid for two days now.

So I would conclude OpenWRT works well for Bluesound. I have four players, two connected via ethernet and two via WiFi. No issues so far.

Thanks for pointing to the possibilities. I will look into it and let others decide whether my input is valuable or not... :slight_smile:

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That's a device with 16MB of flash and 128MB of RAM. should remain supported for a long while still, 4-5 years at least, possibly more.

OpenWrt is dropping support for devices with 32MB of RAM with next release because it can't fit anymore.

You can read some of the basics from the wiki/site in the Developer Documentation

In general, OpenWrt is more similar to a Linux distro than a device firmware so most packages and functionality is the same for every device you install it on.

So you find that most of the OpenWrt functionality is provided by "packages" that are the same for everyone, while there are some parts that are device-specific like for example how to generate the firmware image for each specific device, or the kernel configuration for devices of the same family.

You can also ask questions in the forum, I did add support for some devices so I can answer some questions. Just @bobafetthotmail to send a notification.

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