Site update (?) appears to have dropped support for older browsers

Did a site update just drop support for older browsers? Specifically, I'm running Mojave on my old Mac Pro (even this is a hack -- I 'upgraded' my 2009 model to appear as a 2010 version so I could upgrade the OS further than was officially supported). My main browser is Safari 14.1.2 and I am no longer able to use it based on the following error:

I'm guessing this is a Discord imposed browser deprecation, but I'm curious if is necessary and/or if there is a workaround that wouldn't break other things (either in discourse config or with my browser). Obviously I can use other browsers, but Safari is my preferred option.

I found this:

... and this:

Thanks. Based on that, I think I'm out of luck for Safari on my old Mac. Yet another reason to update that machine (yeah... it's 14 years old... it should have been replaced like 6-8 years ago... lol).

I know Chrome can be quite a resource hog compared to Safari on Macs, but can you not still try that (or even MS Edge)?

PS. If you're in North America, the m2-based mac minis are priced very competitively with the EDU discount. :wink:

Yes, as of yesterday, I started using Chrome on my Mac for accessing the forums (previously, I only used Chrome on that system for work related things).

As the risk of a tangent here... I have been planning to upgrade my Mac for a while... but I have an older Mac Pro which 4 drive bays... the current Mac Pro (aside from being Intel and about to be phased out) is way too expensive... the Mac Studio and and every other system doesn't have the internal drive bays for spinning platter drives. So I've been punting for a while (like 6 years or more!) since I'll also need to buy a thunderbolt drive bay system and other accessories. The M2 Mini is very compelling, though, and I may finally buy that one in the near future (and yes, I'm in North America).

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