Site to site vpn

hi everyone and wish you all fine.
my question is can i set vpn site to site with no_ip because my public ip is not static?
i appreciate your answers

Yes. As long as you have a public ip, you can use a dynamic dns service to setup a domain name that will update when your ip changes.

You only need one side to be public, too.

I’d recommend using wireguard for your vpn protocol.

thank sir for your mean that it's recommended that one side to be static ip or no need.i mean if i can use no_ip in both sides?

I mean that only one side needs to have a public IP address (it doesn't matter if it is static or dynamic).

As long you have a public IP on one of the sides, this can work... if the IP is dynamic, you'll want a dynamic DNS service.

i understand now.thank you so much sir

You're welcome.

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