Site-to-Site OpenVPN w GL-iNet box

Okay then, let's have a look at the OpenVPN configuration files that are running on the server side and the one you are trying to use from your side. I asked it again earlier but never got an answer.

It is much easier and less expensive to just add the software needed for the VPN on the company owned equipment. I wouldn't argue with you that introducing the OpenWrt router in the equation would be necessary to accommodate equipment not able to run VPN, such as some IP telephone, but do you have any of those?

How do you think this can happen? For a wired or wireless client.

At the end of the day, I can only see that you are adding unnecessary complexity to the solution. Using a VPN to connect to company network and using endpoint protection with device management is enough.

Yes, as said initially, I imported the openvpn config from the utm and I can confim it works fine. I assumed that made it clear that I was going to use OpenVPN. I'm not interested in an L2TP setup.

That might be interessing. What exaclty is it? I wasn't aware of any addon software for Sophos UTMs so far.

Anyway, since you are not recommending the solution I couldn't expect you to spend more time on it. But again, thank you for your thoughts so far.

OpenVPN server may be built in.

I am referring to OpenVPN software to use on the endpoints.