Sinovoip bpi-R3 (Snapshot)

Installed the 23.05 rc3 snapshot for Sinopoip bpi-r3, then wanted to install Luci. Luci Install fails because the installed kernel is 5:15.127 & Luci wants 5.15.128. When will the snapshot update to 5.15.128? Or what do I do??

Try building the snapshot with luci via

Thanks for the advice. Worked a treat!
fyi, I am an old Linux user, but a novice at anything approaching development.

The process was quite easy. The biggest issue I had was working out what packages to include. for the future, what would help would be a wiki page describing the packages, & what might be recommended for a minimal build (possibly in a sort order of initial usefulness). Also a wiki page on setting up the start script.
I understand the issues involved (I am a retired H/W Tech), & it is easy as a professional to not understand exactly how much a novice needs to be led through the process. Personally, I am happy to proof-read & suggest edits, but I do not have the expertise to actually write documentation. Proof reading is a great way to learn!