Single board computer

Hello there. After some time of browsing the web looking for a router I think I’m going to go with a single board computer and use my existing router as a access point.

Any suggestions guys? I have 200 & 10 mbps starting speeds. Just curious what would be the best option for me.

Thanks guys for reading.

Most SBC aren't really suitable as routers, they simply lack the necessary I/O performance (having a 1 GBit/s ethernet card onboard doesn't imply that the SBC can actually push anything close to that through it) - and most don't ship with 2+ ethernet cards to begin with. 200/10 MBit/s are within the realm of ipq40xx or ipq806x; the former is around the price of any reasonable SBC, the later only marginally more expensive (if you honestly tally up all the extra costs required to make your SBC sing and dance, PSU, µSDHC card, case, USB3 ethernet card, managed switch, ...).

Most SBC do have significant CPU power and storage/ RAM, which might make them nice webservers, VPN offloaders, etc., but they can't compete at all in the I/O department (number of ethernet/ wireless options and their performance).


Something like an ODRIOD H2 is going to run upwards of US$200, all up. A mid-range, multi-core, ARM-based all-in-one router can be had for half of that. (A MIPS-based router could handle close to 200/10 with SQM, but they're hard to recommend at this time, except when tiny size or tiny cost is involved.)

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