Single AP - single client with dual band steering - usteer or DAWN or custom?

Thank you for topic Feature comparison of DAWN and Usteer . I have only one dual-band OpenWRT AP and one dual-band client in a point-to-point configuration with a steady stream of data (IP camera). Please is either DAWN or usteer suitable for picking a least congested channel in AP and client locations at startup, and being able to dynamically change the channel or even push the client to the other band if the current channel gets bad? The environment around changes dynamically. Ideally with minimum interruption to the client, at best without TCP connection breaks (when staying in the same band).

Both AP (TP Link EAP225) and client (android 11 tablet) are fairly new HW and support the latest 802.11 protocols (r, k, v).

Thank you very much for any hints and suggestions.