Since upgrade i can connect to my openwrt

I have tried to upgrade from version 20 to 21.02 but after a reboot now i cant connect through ethernet.
I try a factory reset with the 10 seconds but i have always unidentified network and i cant ping to my router to the default IP address or my IP that i set.

How can i force to connect to openwrt ?


You may want to state relevant information such as the brand and model of the router in question.

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Oups sorry Linksys EA9500. I managed to connect now with Wifi (but not in ethernet)
Now i would like to use relayd but it seems that its not available.
How can i use it ? i also saw an article which talk about kmod-trelay any help on this ?

Current Stable release is 21.02.3
It includes several changes dealing with Broadcom chips, which your EA9500 uses.

Hi i have succeeded to make it work with the 22.03-rc1
but now i have poor rx rate transfert around 5~6 mb/s 20 Mhz (its weird because the tx rate is very good : ~1300 mb/s 20 Mhz)
is there any issue with this release ?
I have changed some params : channel, VTH, test with radio0 and radio2 (for 5ghz)

Thanks for your help

Several...depending on the device.

See the release announcement thread.