Simultaneous dual band (2.4/5ghz)

I have a netgear ex3700 which can use "fastlane" technology so it can use the 2 band simultaneously

How can I set up openwrt to use simultaneous dual band? I can't find nothing searching the forum

@blazessdd, welcome to the community!

There's no built in software, this is a propriatary feature of some OEMs.

Sorry but I've seen those threads but none of them answer my question.
You are telling me it's NOT possible to use simultaneous dual band on openwrt?

So you did find something when searching the forum, cool.

I thought you were refering to having the router steer you to one band or the other. My apologies.

Of course it's possible, so long as you're referring to a device that has both a 2.4 and 5.4 WiFi chip (which the EX3700 appears to have). Devices that only have one chip, obviously cannot do simultaneous WiFi.

How can I configure if?
What I want to do exactly it's to connect the extender with 5ghz to the router and use the 2ghz to connect all the device to have the maximum throughout I am using "fastlane" just doing this or I need further configuration?

You just connect and bridge the SSIDs to the same network. 5.4 upstream, 2.4 client.

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