Simple way to use mobile connection (through WiFi) once ethernet/wan is broken?


I have an openwrt router behind my internet provider modem.
My openwrt is doing DHCP, Wifi, ethernet...everything in fact.
It happens that my internet connection is broken (at provider side). In such case, I would like with an easy setup that my openwrt router takes the internet connection from my mobile (through wifi sharing) and that is transparent for the router users (same ip, same wifi signal etc)
Is this possible?



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Thanks for your reply
looking at your different link I am wondering if Mwan3 is not more adapted to my situation than Travelmate

Well, in fact Mwan3 only works with WAN/ethernet port not with WiFi

mwan3 work with wwan too. (wifi)

Isn't wwan for LTE/4G usb dongle?

wwan = wireless wan

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