Simple WAP / no routing

Hey, folks.

Perhaps someone can tell me what this scenario would be called in the docs? Just browsing through them hasn't convinced me this scenario is covered.

I have an upstream router, a switch, and then the OpenWRT device hanging off the switch. I would like the ethernet ports, WAN port, and WIFI clients for the OpenWRT device to all be on the same network/broadcast domain as the wired nodes on the upstream switch. That much I can get going. But I would also like to be able to manage the OpenWRT device from a node on the switch or from a WiFi client.

Simple WAP? I saw something called "dump WAP" but it didn't appear to be quite this. Maybe create a bridge, join WAN, LAN ports, and WiFi Clients to that same bridge? WAN port would have to be a DHCP client in order for the management interface to be available?

Thoughts? thx.

that's called a dumb AP.

The only difference between the config as described there and what you want is the inclusion of the wan port in the equation. This is usually pretty simple to do as an addition to the basic recipe.

Thanks for confirming I'm at least on the right path.