Simple parent controls for gf

I would like to give my gf the way to disable/enable wifi for her kids easily depending on the situation. E.g.They forget their chores she can put it on a N minute timer without internet. They eat the healthy food that doesn't taste good without complaining, they get a bonus. Is there anything like that?

It looks like the parental controls can disable traffic at certain times, but there isn't a way to limit the amount of time spent online during the whitelisted hours?

You can set times for wifi to be turned on and off with luci-app-wifischedule. There's a bug in it that affects save and apply (sometimes settings aren't enabled properly), but it was fixed by dibdot and is currently in development builds, if you're on a stable build you can modify -


with dibdot's fix.

the router can't know that you've been sitting in front of your computer for an hour reading Harry Potter fan fiction... but it can know how many bytes you've downloaded. This is easier in nftables, but iptables has a quota match that can do it.

you need to use Cron to restart the firewall each night to reset the quota

I'm not asking about device time limits or bandwidth quotas. I'm asking only about options regarding time beyond the whitelisting of hours people will be awake.

Seems there aren't options yet.

I think you want something like log in and press a button and wifi turns off for 1 hour? or log in and press a button and even if wifi is off based on schedule, the wifi comes on and stays on for an hour, or half hour or whatever?

it's not hard to do the turning on and off... but the UI for setting the timers and things does not exist.

with the atd you could use command line to set timers easily. wifi on; echo wifi off | at 30 min or some such thing

Hi you can use Gargoyle for this.
Gargoyle is baste on OpenWrt 18.06.2
For ways to setit up look here:

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