Simple ink printer nozzle dry prevention

Having configured USB printer using p910nd on my OpenWrt router I thought about the printer's nozzles drying.

Here is solution I came up with.

  1. Prepared a file using all ink colors my printer use (CMYK) and printed it from a machine with the printer properly configured (drivers installed etc)
  2. Captured net traffic to the p910nd print server with WireShark (no problems since it's not encrypted)
  3. Made file cmyk.pjl from captured data, gzipped it (it was rather big because windows driver sent a bunch of zero bytes to reset the printer I presume) and put the file to the router
  4. Added cron job:
#Printer nozzle dry prevention
0 08 */4 * *	/bin/zcat /path/to/file/cmyk.pjl.gz > /dev/usb/lp0

I chose every 4th day because it gives maximum 7 days between runs in case of 31 days in a month, although I think to change it to run each 5th day to reduce ink and paper waste

Despite of all docs and examples for file printing such a way with PJL, PostScript, PDF I've found on the web, I could not prepare a file good enough for my printer to print it :tired_face:. So I end up using WireShark...

Is there any drawbacks in this solution or how to do it better?

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