Simple HotSpot Voucher

Yes, I ran the commands. I set the write permission, selected the 3rd entry option and uploaded the voucher.txt.

I found it in the description. Question: in my case, what should I change it to? radio0.network1?

Trial and error?
Works for most people...

Your guest configuration is entirely wrong. It even says so in the image you posted - ie "Error: Network device is not present".

You will find many explantions of how to set up a guest network on this forum and elsewhere.
But as I said, you will get help with the voucher script on Github.

Yes You're right! I must inform you guys that Philippines are using like these. It's called piso wifi where you will insert a coin in a coins slot and it will let you use internet for a minute or an hour. But the problem is there's so many wifi hackers.

Not to resurrect this, but I just wanted to say you are correct. In fact I built one for my sister when I was in Canada. The commercial software that uses Rpi is too technical for her. I built a standalone one using a nanopi neo2 board as my server, and a ubiquiti AP AC Pro I bought used. It uses Coova-chilli, Freeradius and sqlite (not easy to get working) that saves and delete data on a USB disk. It work's well for what I thought was simple enough and what I'm able to do as a hobbyist. It uses an SPI serial LCD for password display.

I'm back home now and it needs repair and thought I'd search for something easier to implement,
while there are still some users for it. As mentioned 4G are getting common, but for areas where my sister lives a few min of access to social media for cents is a godsend :slight_smile:

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The idea is not supporr corrupt thieving 4g networks and build free open community networks and free meaning freedom and not free beer.

Well where I live, most people these days have very large or unlimited data quotas on 4g and they will refuse to pay for a wifi connection at a public venue.
"Free WiFi" ie at no cost to the user, is expected at commercial venues. Given that 4g inside a building is sometimes not the best, users will vote with their feet if "Free WiFi" is not provided.


is there a way to access luci if opennds is running? currently I can't access luci. I use br-lan. everything runs normally when using the voucher

Hi, Do you have Instruction or a Step by Step Guide to do that ? or at least a Link for the Instruction, Thank you